Joanne V3

Having over 20 years of experience under her belt, we are very excited to announce Joanne as our 2017 CONNI Continence Award winner! 

Joanne has had an amazing career so far and really established herself as the go-to gal for her peers when it comes to continence.

Joanne’s qualifications include a nursing degree, Bachelor of Health Sciences from Victoria University, Promoting Continence Certification, Graduate Diploma in Gerontic Nursing and a Master of Advanced Nursing from La Trobe University (just to name a few!).

Her resume is vast and some of Joanne’s roles include a CN Manager at Northwest Hospital, completing resource tools for VCRC (Victorian Continence Resource Centre), the Continence Foundation and BECC (Bundoora Extended Care Centre) and specialising in Continence in Aged Care at the Aged Care Assessment Service for Goulburn Valley Health.

Her current work as a Continence Practitioner with Goulburn Valley Health has seen Joanne shine in her role as CN, contributing to the mentoring and education for emerging continence nurses, leading strategic development of existing services that travel through five regions of the West Hume communities and most importantly, ensuring the establishment and communication for clients and patients who require external health services and providers. 

It is dedicated individuals like Joanne who keep our continence community alive and we look forward to hearing all about how her prize of attending the 48th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society in Philadelphia will help contribute to her awesome work!

Congratulations Joanne from the entire CONNI team!